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Ogun-Oshun River Basin Development Authority (OORBDA) is one of the twelve River Basin Development Authorities established by the Federal Government of Nigeria under decrees number 25 of 1976 and 31 of 1977. Since 1976, there have been amendments to the original operational functions of the Authorities.  As at today, the OORBDA is operating under decree No.35 of 1987 and Privatization and Commercialization Decree No. 25 of 1988.  It is a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources.

The Authority was formally launched on July 4, 1977 at a colourful ceremony presided over by the then Federal Commissioner for Water Resources, Alhaji Ibrahim El Yakub.  The ceremony which took place at the Ake Centenary Hall, Abeokuta, was witnessed, amongst others, by the then Military Governors of Oyo, Ogun and Lagos States which fall in the area of coverage of the Authority;, Oyo State has since been split into Oyo and Osun States. 

The operations of the Authority took off under the leadership of Dr.  Lekan Are as the pioneer General Manager/Chief Executive Officer.

To develop and manage surface and ground water resources within our area of coverage, and provide access to safe and adequate water for domestic, industrial, flood control and agricultural purposes to enhance quality of life of the people and promote the socio-economic development of the country.


To be aneffective and efficient Government Establishment committed to total quality service delivery in water resources management for sustainable development of the communities covered by our operation.


O-ORBDA’s enabling decree No. 35 of 1987 spells out its statutory functions as follows:

A)      To undertake comprehensive development of both surface and underground water resources for multi-purpose use; with particular emphasis on provision of irrigation infrastructures and the control of floods and erosion and for watershed management.

B)      To construct, operate and maintain dams, dykes, polders, wells, boreholes, irrigation and drainage systems and other works necessary for the achievement of the Authority’s functions and hand-over all land to be cultivated under irrigation schemes to farmers.

C)      To supply water from the Authority’s completed storage schemes to all users for a fee to be determined by the Authority concerned, with the approval of the Honourable Minister.

D)      To construct, operate and maintain infrastructural services such as roads and bridges linking project sites, provided that such infrastructural services are included in and form integral parts of the lists of approved projects.

E)      To develop and keep up-to-date comprehensive water resources master plan, identifying all water resources requirement in the authority’s area of operation through adequate collection and collation of water resources, water use, socio-economic and environmental data of the River Basin.

From the foregoing, it would be seen that O-ORBDA is expected to concentrate on the development and management of the water resources’ potential of Osun, Oyo, Ogun and Lagos State, that is, all the areas drained by Ogun, Oshun and Sasa Rivers, including their tributaries.


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